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Yajiro Kokeshi Museum


Kokeshi Muesum

The Kokeshi doll is a traditional folk art form of Japan, dating back to the 1830’s. All traditional dolls are made of wood and are characterized by a slender body, round head, hand-painted features and no arms or legs. Traditional Kokeshi dolls have distinctive characteristics connecting them to their specific region of origin.

Yajiro Kokeshi Dolls are characterized by a wheel-shaped pattern at the top which looks like a beret cap. The name of these Kokeshi dolls is derived from Yajiro village, located at the foot of Mt. Fubo. Wood artisans have produced Kokeshi dolls in this village for many years.

Yajiro Kokeshi Mura displays exhibits on the history of these wood artisans and their way of life. You can watch the artisans actually make Kokeshi dolls, and many of these dolls are sold here. You can even attempt to paint your own Kokeshi doll!

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