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Re-entry Permit

Workers, students and spouses, as well as permanent residents are required to apply for a re-entry permit whenever leaving Japan temporarily (e.g. for holidays), in order to keep their status of residence in Japan. Without re-entry permit, a person who leaves Japan will lose his/her status of residence. Re-entry permits can be obtained at immigration offices. The permit is valid for up to three years (but it cannot exceed your period of stay in Japan) and is available in single and multiple reentry forms. The closest immigration office from Shiroishi City is Sendai Immigration Office.

The following are items you must submit when applying:

1. Application for re-entry permit (This can be found at the receptionist's desk in your local Regional Immigration Bureau.)

2. Certificate of Alien Registration

3. Passport

4. 3,000 yen revenue stamp (for single reentry) or 6,000 yen revenue stamp (for multiple reentry permits)

Re-entry permits are usually issued on the spot.

Applications are taken at the Sendai Immigration Bureau Office.

Sendai Immigration Office
Gorin 1-3-20, Miyagino-ku, Sendai, Miyagi 983-0842
Tel: (022) 256 6076

Other Immigration Offices in Japan:

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